Antitrust NewsWatch: is on the move

Thursday, December 15, 2005 is on the move is currently migrating from Blogger to a new publishing platform. During this transition, we will publish less frequently and may be temporarily off-line from December 15 through December 19. We'll keep you posted on changes to this schedule via the main site. While the look and feel of will be more basic initially, the platform we've selected - WordPress - allows much more flexibility, especially with regard to tagging stories by topic; or to be more accurate - virtually unlimited flexibility, vs. no capability whatsoever. The new release is currently publishing to over 250 news categories, and as coverage expands, the number of topical areas will grow as well. Some historical content will be converted into the new application, but the initial release will focus exclusively on current news. Expect the site to undergo a series of enhancements in 2006, as its initial versions did in late 2004 and throughout 2005. As always, we value your perspective. Please provide comments and feedback via the contact link at Your patience during this transition is most appreciated!